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  • Free crowdfunding campaigns for COVID-19 related solutions
  • Free professional fundraising and digital marketing services from Personal Justice to help bring those solutions to the attention of donors

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A letter from the Personal Justice team

To our supporters, clients, and friends,

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our team is now committing ourselves to doing what we can to help those working to bring forward solutions to this crisis.

We all read and hear every day about the health care professionals, scientists, military servicewomen and servicemen, and many others, who are racing against time to provide essential services of all kinds to the rest of us. Many of these providers are part of government, but not all.
Just as small business is the backbone of the American economy, so too, in this massive crisis, are thousands of individuals and small groups stepping up and providing more localized services. These include educators, religious leaders, community organizers, and many others. But even volunteers require more than people power to accomplish their good deeds – they need money to cover unavoidable costs.
We want to help all of these individuals and organizations working on the front lines of this crisis provide their essential services.
That’s why we, who are fundraising professionals and software developers, operating from home in self-quarantine, are ready to provide the following specific support to those efforts, by doing what we do best, facilitating the donation of funds for the heroes taking care of the rest of us:

1) Providing a free crowdfunding platform for COVID-19 solutions

2) Offering, for free, our professional fundraising and digital marketing services, to help bring those solutions to the attention of donors who are also on the sidelines, and are eager to contribute financial support

What we’re asking for now, in turn, is your help to bring our fundraising resources to the attention of those who might benefit from them, and then, for those of you who can afford it, to consider supporting solutions for those on the front lines – in your community, online, or however else you can.

Thank you for your support and consideration.


Henry Perlstein

Executive Director
Personal Justice